After the Triage, How Do You Prepare for Life on the Other Side?

After the Triage, How Do You Prepare for Life on the Other Side?

You're probably busy doing and thinking and reading, these days, so I'll keep this short:

  • Firms I've connected with are experiencing anything from an 80% drop to a slight increase in their fee volume. It's all over the place, but most firms are still holding their own pretty well, which is a relief. They are experiencing the expected slowdowns from clients and a few stalled projects.
  • I'm impressed with how principals are taking charge and making whatever tough decisions they must. Be careful about listening to the extremes: dire reports that don't take into account your ability to lead through a crisis, and Pollyanna motivational crap that ignores reality. Get information from your clients, primarily, and not your neighbors or Facebook.
  • But let's stay on top of this, keeping in mind that as an industry we are a lagging indicator of what's happening around us. You may be spared the deep challenges, but if they come, they'll come quick and late. So just stay on top of it.
  • Don't be afraid of business failure. Sleep well at night having done a bunch of the right things every single day. And since most of you (>70%) will emerge stronger than before, find a new gratefulness for your people and your clients...and your leadership.
  • Leadership--in your family, your firm, or you neighborhood--is an amazing thing and I'm seeing so many great examples of it. I can never get enough stories of how you are moving forward through the uncertainty.
  • And finally, don't be too hard on yourself about needing to be more productive with the extra time from a slower work schedule and no travel. Just think about being more present and more engaged. Screw your To Do list for the moment. Your team is taking their cues from how you lead more than what you accomplish.

If I can be of help to you, please join me this Monday (April 6) at 1:00p eastern for another 1,000-person free webinar:

After the Triage: How Do You Prepare Your Firm For Life On The Other Side?

How do you keep one eye on the present and one on the future? How do you emerge from this as a firm that may even thrive…and not just function normally again? We’ll talk about what your expectations should be through 2020 and what you might do now to prepare for an even stronger future.

Earlier webinars in this series covered how to think about the effect on your firm and how to reduce staffing levels humanely.

Next up, in an undetermined order at the moment, are:

  • Quick New Business Wins Without Compromising The High Ground
  • How The Agency Business Model Might and Should Change
  • Closing Your Firm With Minimal Disruption
  • Are There Good Opportunities for Mergers and Acquisitions?
  • Interviews With Five Principals On How They Are Coping*

*Volunteer for this if you like.

Even though it's to an empty room, I'm looking forward to connecting with you on Monday. Thank you for your very encouraging notes. They have meant a lot to me.

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