[DECK] After the Triage, How Do You Prepare for Life on the Other Side?

Greetings! I wanted to send you the finished audio/video file of yesterday's webinar, entitled "After the Triage: How Do You Prepare Your Firm For Life On the Other Side?" Here are the links:

I spent even more time preparing this one, and I have to say that I really enjoyed thinking through how you might emerge even stronger than before. It was hopeful and encouraging, and I believe you'll find it worth your time. There are some hidden gems in there.

After three successive weeks of three webinars for you (and 17 others for other groups), I'm going to switch to written insight pieces for a bit. If you're getting this email, you'll get those automatically.

If you need personalized help beyond the free stuff, here is how I'm assisting firms with individual engagements:

  • New Business Audit to make sure your positioning and lead generation plan is where it needs to be. I usually do two of these every month, but will likely be doing more of them as firms focus like a laser on their biggest priority.
  • Total Business Review, which covers everything in the New Business Audit plus Benchmarking, Roles, Staffing, Systems, etc. Most of these are done in person at your HQ, but I'm doing all of them remotely (which saves some money for you). I began doing some of these remotely in 2018 and so it's something I'm used to.
  • Merger/Acquisition/Partnership advisory work, on the buy or sell side. This sometimes includes a Valuation.
  • Orderly Dissolution. Are you thinking about this? I can help you maximize the opportunity and minimize the damage. Working on two of these right now and you'd be amazed at how painless it can be...if done correctly.

Don't forget:

Thank you for letting me help you, and for putting up with this brief commercial message. Please pass it along if you know of someone else who could benefit from the webinar above, especially.

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