• Skip the ESOP

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  • Secret Tradecraft of Elite Advisors

    Secret Tradecraft of Elite Advisors

    Covert Techniques For A Remarkable Practice

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  • Financial Management of a Marketing Firm

    Financial Management of a Marketing Firm

    A Manual

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  • The Business of Expertise

    The Business of Expertise

    How Entrepreneurial Experts Convert Insight to Impact + Wealth

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  • Maximizing Your Pro-Bono Contributions

    I love the impact of pro bono work—on you and the recipient—but our practices around the process are really sloppy. Here are some ideas about how to achieve more, while […]

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  • Trading Your Unicycle for a Bike

    We received this last week, unsolicited, from a client who had just finished up a New Business Audit with us. Not only is his relief palpable, but it occurred to […]

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  • How Geography Impacts Positioning

    One of the reasons I absolutely love helping firms with positioning is because of the science behind it. I didn’t realize there was so much science until penning the fifth […]

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  • Blair’s latest obsession is bounded rationality, in which he sees too many creative firms failing to make “rational” decisions because they choose to bind their businesses with outdated and overly-constraining ideals like […]
  • David shares his thoughts on some bad advice he hears involving the focus on pursuing personal passions in business.
  • Blair weighs in on this year's Forrester report, which shows the ridiculous amount of money agencies have been wasting on pitches.   LINKS "Are These the Last Days of the Pitch?" by […]