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Who You Are

We have a fairly narrow target, and odds are, if you’re reading this, you’re not a great fit for our services. We like to be as open about that from the outset so that we aren’t wasting your (or our) time.
We work with small to midsize creative, digital, and marketing services firms at inflection points in their business. We don’t coach, but we do advise. We have deep expertise in reinventing, repositioning, and selling firms that fit these criteria:


You are an owner of a marketing services firm. While we will occasionally pull in employees to certain discussions (business development, for instance), we work directly with ownership.


You are independent. We do not work with holding companies or private equity companies.


While the majority of our clients are North American, we work with firms internationally, with a strong presence in the UK, Latin America, South America, and Australia.


1-120 person firm, or you classify yourself as small or midsize. Our entire consulting practice is built on knowing the differences between firms of different sizes. If you have only two employees, we can help you at the current stage and tell you what is coming next. If you have sixty people, we know your unique issues. We even know when it is time to downsize and get some of your life back.


You are willing to be engaged from the very beginning, listening and reading with intense focus, and then jumping into implementation with gusto (and a mix of exhilaration and terror). We are here to help, but we don’t do “needy” or “helpless” very well. You are open to a different perspective, though likely testing each piece of advice rather than accepting it blindly.

Scope of Engagement

The bulk of our services are between $12,000-25,000. However, we do offer a few services starting at $5,000. All engagements are prepaid. We don’t discount.
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