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Entrepreneurial expert firms don’t often fail because their work isn’t good enough—it nearly always is. No, they struggle because of the quality of their business decisions, often in these key areas: Positioning, Structuring Roles, and Performance Benchmarking


How can you make your firm not interchangeable in the marketplace? And then concentrate on the right lead generation activities to move from being busy to commanding a price premium?

Structuring Roles.

Including their own. What should you avoid or concentrate on? How much of each function is appropriate? What different hats can the same person wear, and how much of each role is necessary in different firms?

Performance Benchmarking.

What should be on the financial dashboard and where do the gauges read red, yellow, and green? How does the firm’s performance compare with other firms in the same space?


David is the author of five books, three of which focus on the central elements of the business of expertise: positioning, financial management, and leadership.


We speak regularly on more than 70 topics relevant to entrepreneurial expertise, from 20 executives to 5,000 live on TV, all over the world. We also regularly appear as a guest on several different podcasts every month.


We have worked with 1100+ firms, primarily through the Total Business Reset process. Engagements are remote, and each involves careful analysis and application to your specific situation. We have at least a half dozen options for working together.

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