Staffing and Roles

Staffing and Roles

Are you staffed at the right levels with the right people?

As you grow, your staffing needs change. Through years of proprietary research, we have developed a unique perspective on staffing your firm, including how much of each function you need, what profiles you might look for in certain positions, and how to avoid the dangerous combinations that render even great employees ineffective. 

Why choose Punctuation?

Our deep background in the independent marketing services industry has given us unique insights into what a successful firm looks like and how to get there when it comes to staffing and division of roles.

We base our analysis on science.

We have invested over $300,000 by surveying, profiling, and interviewing 23,000+ employees, all in the marketing services field. Our models are based on this data, and no one else has the depth of information that we do.

We know the industry.

We only work with independent marketing, creative and dev shops like yours. We’ve been doing this for 20+ years and know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to staffing an agency.

We help you plan for growth.

Growth is possibly the biggest variable in staffing. As your firm grows, your firm’s needs change, as will your firm’s requirements of you as principal. We will outline what that looks like and when the time is right to bring on a new hire in a particular role.

What to expect

You’re ready to get started. What happens next?


Once you reach out and confirm, you’ll receive a consulting agreement, an NDA, a materials request, and an invoice.

Staffing Levels.

How much coverage do you need in each area of the business. The model is split into four applications to cover the differences between firms. E.g., a dev shop is very different from an agency. We’ll account for each role down to one-tenth of a person.

Interaction Paths.

What roles are safely combined and which ones should be done separately? The primary focus here is on managing client relationships, because there are five primary dangers that must be mitigated in order to keep clients happy and growing.

Principal Focus.

There are three areas of focus that every principal must cover—or if there are multiple principals, we must arrange for that coverage. Conversely, there are three roles that a principal should normally shed, slowly and in a specific order, over time. Having multiple partners changes this a little, but we’ll account for that in our work together.


The model will address how much you can afford to pay as a percentage of the overall fee base of your firm, and how you make adjustments if you are outside those normal parameters.

Personality Fit.

Of the 9-12 various functional roles, five of these have some degree of personality profile match. It doesn’t mean that any given person must have that profile, but it’s useful to discuss where they’ll have to adjust their natural style in order to perform as the role requires. Some of these are tangential, but there are three roles which have an absolute match.


How big does the firm need to be to begin using a system like this? When is the process 80% complete? How many people are required so that no one has to wear multiple hats? All these are discussed, and mitigation plans are formed to account for necessary compromises.

Logistical matters,
for your perusal

1-2 months
A Staffing and Roles package can usually be underway within 1-2 weeks, depending on the time of year.
A principal or someone with access gathers materials for 1 hour. Principals and critical leaders participate in the phone calls and homework as appropriate.
$6,000 fee
Payment Terms.
Prepaid and non-refundable. Via wire, ACH, check, or credit card (+3%).

Purchase DiSC profile credits

Whether as part of our Total Business Reset or the standalone Staffing and Roles engagement, we dive into the roles at your firm, including staffing levels, interactions, and fit. Each employee completes a work-focused personality profile. These profiles are helpful tools, and many clients want to continue using this method with new hires. For those clients, we offer a way to self-administer and white label DiSC Workplace personality profiles.

Once you purchase for the first time, we will set up your account and pre-load it with enough credits to purchase 10 profiles.

DiSC Account Setup

Account Setup, including 10 DiSC Profiles (150 credits)

DiSC Profile Credit Refill

For existing clients who need to purchase additional credits for DiSC profiles.
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