Scoring Some Quick New Business Wins

Webinar: On the one hand, you'd like to score some big wins, start to finish. You're starting all the way back at generating some good leads, and all the way forward to having that first check clear the bank. On the other hand, though, you don't want to compromise your positioning, which has taken years to build meticulously. After all, experts don't beg, right? And as exciting as it might be to land a big fish, the last thing you want is to send out signals that will forever ruin the relationship with this new client. Sign up for this webinar to learn how to score some big wins, start to finish, and still be the expert that charges a lot and makes a big difference in the client relationship.


  • A half dozen specific techniques for surfacing nearly immediate interest in hiring you with a rapid-fire lead generation plan.
  • How to move the selling process quickly to shorten the time from when they raise their hand and give you permission to sell, all the way until the check clears.
  • How to manage the tone and timing of these efforts so that you don't erode the expertise that you've so carefully crafted.
  • What you might shove off your plate, temporarily, in order to make quick progress on this front.

  • Secret Tradecraft of Elite Advisors

    Secret Tradecraft of Elite Advisors

    Covert Techniques For A Remarkable Practice

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