What Happens When You Step Away

Most aspects of your business will run better without you. Your people will thrive when you aren’t lowering prices all the time or blowing up creative two hours before a presentation.

But over the long term, it will be a disaster if you step away. The effects will be insidious and nearly unmeasurable, but here’s what will happen if you don’t show up over long periods of time:

  1. No big, bold adjustments to your positioning.
  2. Little discernible change in your service offerings.
  3. Slow descent into IP hell, where the firm’s insight begins to look more like content.
  4. Money being spent like it’s somebody else’s and not their own.

Your entrepreneurial creative firm is not a self-sustaining entity that can be run from a franchisee manual. It’s an extension of who you are personally, good or bad, and it will wither without the constant risk-taking and life-giving forces that flow from you.

You can be away for months at a time, and you should be taking sabbaticals of that nature, but the firm will pause while you are gone and welcome your return. Especially if you get back to doing what the firm needs from you.

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