Update on the Impact of COVID-19 On Your Marketing, Creative, or Digital Firm

Navigating the Impact of COVID-19 on Your Firm

We had 850+ register for the webinar this week on "Preparing Your Firm for the Coronavirus"--a surprisingly large number. After not being sure that we'd be able to record it with sufficient quality, we did a last minute scramble so that you'd have access to it. Please feel free to share this widely (with attribution, if possible) in order to help as many people as possible.

Here are the better sourced articles I can find on COVID-19. These are the ones that I referenced in the presentation. They are worth reading in your downtime. Since things are changing so fast, I'm including the publication date:

If you're really into reading, here's an article I wrote late in 2001 during that downturn.

If you'd like lots of little chunks of insight, I'm spending a lot more time on Twitter these days. Follow me here.

Next up, expect several articles/webinars on:

  • Quick New Business Wins Without Giving Up The High Ground
  • When and How to Do a Staff Reduction
  • Implementing a Remote Work Policy (revised, with a list of the best whiteboarding tools)

I'll do my best to continue providing you helpful, realistic information as you navigate a very different world.

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