Update on Staff Reductions at Your Firm

Dismissing Staff Humanely

We had 998 register for the webinar yesterday on "Staff Reductions: Why, When, How...and the Alternatives"--a surprisingly large number. We were able to capture great audio so that you'd have access to it. Please feel free to share this widely (with attribution, if possible) in order to help as many people as possible.

In addition, Blair Enns and I will be doing a live taping of our 2Bobs podcast. You will be able to watch the live video while we tape it, and then you'll be able to ask questions, live, which we'll try to answer. (The Q/A will not be released as part of that episode.)

There is only room for 1,000 observers, and more than half of those slots are already spoken for, so please grab one if you are interested. It occurs on Friday at noon eastern. There are worldwide dial-in numbers. The title is "Business as Unusual--Managing in a Pandemic":

Pick up the earlier webinar on your response to COVID-19 here.

If you'd like lots of little chunks of insight, I'm spending a lot more time on Twitter these days. Follow me here.

My best wishes as you navigate this.

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