Promoting Timekeeping Compliance


If there was ever an ideal New Year’s resolution, it would probably be timekeeping compliance. But rather than starting with the thinking behind all this, we’ll save that for last and instead dive right into some suggestions on how to get better participation. If you’re an employee (vs. a principal) reading this, you might want to feather your own bonus bed by taking the lead here and rallying the troops. That sort of sucking up never goes unnoticed. (Though you may never again be asked to join your peers at lunch.)

Before giving you specific suggestions, though, let me note that these are presented in reverse order. That’s because none of them have any teeth unless the last one (getting fired) is a legitimate possibility. That sounds harsh, I know, but there it is. The goal isn’t to fire employees—the goal is to make money in an environment that doesn’t kill creativity. There are many steps that lead up to that harshest of options, but it is there at the end of the steps.

Download the entire Position Paper here. Note that this was originally written in 2008 and has not been updated since.

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