The New Entrepreneur Running a Creative Firm

The entrepreneurs running creative firms are different than their older counterparts. Here's a recent podcast episode where Blair Enns interviews me about that subject. If you enjoy this episode, I hope you'll subscribe. We'd also value your positive rating on iTunes.

The only preparation we do before each recording is a quick email that says: "Hey, Blair, interview me about this tomorrow. Here are three or four talking points." And then we launch into what at times could be considered an awkward transparency about what we are thinking (we take turns interviewing each other, with a different topic each episode). There are no retakes and no editing of the content. It's been new, fresh, and fun for us. You can find out more here. Click below to listen to this episode immediately.

Here's another of my favorites. In this one, I interview Blair about a pivotal concept he's thought a lot about, and that's how you should delivery honesty--in a kind manner--as early in the client relationship as you can.

I still love thinking and writing insight for you folks, but this new format has given me fresh enthusiasm. Blair and I hope that you find it helpful!

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