[DECK] Getting Your Head Straight As "Normal" Approaches

On Friday, our entire neighborhood's internet went down during the live webinar, so I just started over and recorded it from scratch. We weren't able to capture the Q/A.

This is the fourth in a series. I'll list them from most recent to oldest, so please note the dates since things have changed pretty quickly. Surprisingly, I'm not too embarrassed about any of the earlier projections and recommendations, though.

I'm working to make these as short/condensed as possible. This most recent one is <30 minutes.

  • (April 17) Getting Your Head Straight as "Normal" Approaches. Video. Audio.
  • (April 6) After the Triage: How Do You Prepare for Life on the Other Side. Video. Audio.
  • (March 24) Doing Staff Reductions Humanely: Why, When, How...and the Alternatives. Video. Audio.
  • (March 11) Impact of COVID-19 on Your Marketing, Creative, or Digital Firm. Video. Audio.

For US-based firms, it looks like a second round of the Payroll Protection Program will be funded. Here's a look at how you have fared with that program so far:

All of you have a lot on your mind, whether it's wrangling the heavy workload remotely or agonizing over staffing levels. Remember that it's important that you be "present" to your people and clients, and that you keep doing the best you can to make decisions, even in the fog.

I'm pulling for you.

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