Free COVID-19 Webinar Series

I've been producing free webinars to help you get through this unusual time in our industry's history. Each of these has been attended by 600-1,000 firms, and I'm pleased at their reception. Here are links to the series:

  • (August 20) How to Test Your Current (or Proposed) Positioning. Video. Audio.
  • (August 6) An Inside, Transparent Look at my Own Content Marketing Strategy. Video. Audio.
  • (July 10) Core Performance Metrics to Aim For As Your Firm Stabilizes. Video. Audio.
  • (June 19) Handling That Acquisition Offer Smartly...Before You Hire An Advisor. Video. Audio.
  • (May 22) What Do I Find When I Look Inside The Typical Firm? Video. Audio.
  • (May 4) Valuing, Merging, Selling, Buying, Closing a Digital / Creative / Marketing Firm. Video. Audio.
  • (April 17) Getting Your Head Straight as "Normal" Approaches. Video. Audio.
  • (April 6) After the Triage: How Do You Prepare for Life on the Other Side. Video. Audio.
  • (March 24) Doing Staff Reductions Humanely: Why, When, How...and the Alternatives. Video. Audio.
  • (March 11) Impact of COVID-19 on Your Marketing, Creative, or Digital Firm. Video. Audio.

Keep the ideas for webinars coming. As long as your suggested topic is broadly applicable, I'm willing to consider it. I'm (finally) enjoying doing webinars again, and as long as you keep coming, I'll keep doing them. Your topic suggestions have been very helpful.

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    Secret Tradecraft of Elite Advisors

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