Expertise is Like Cocaine

What kind of information are you giving people in a business setting, and how are you delivering it? I have a reputation for complete candor (deserved), deep and thought-provoking content (deserved), and a less-than-engaging conversation style of delivery (deserved). I speak 30-35x/year, and if the event happens to give audience members feedback forms to complete, on a scale of 1 to 5, I typically get a 4.9 on content and somewhere around 4.0 on delivery.

I only use PowerPoint or Keynote when the audience is too large logistically to provide handouts (200?). I much prefer handouts, because I hate last minute technical problems, I'd rather look people in the eyes the entire time, I want them to write, and I want them to take something home. For larger audience (200-3,000 typically), I just include a URL on the last slide so that a PDF can be downloaded for their later use. I tell them that in advance so that they can relax, listen, and not bother with too many notes.

I'm an intense introvert. I'm so far off the scale in that direction that I jokingly call it "unabomber land." That just means I like to be by myself to recharge. I can be with crowds, large and small, in little doses and no one would know I'm "acting the part." Oddly enough, speaking totally invigorates me, too, which may not fit in your mind with the idea of a deep introvert.

Do you know when I began to love speaking? Yeah, I've had the speaker training and lots of experience, but it wasn't that. The flip occurred when I knew what the hell I was talking about. Stated differently, the antidote to your fear of public speaking is simply deep expertise in whatever the subject.

I mean, that, too. Have you tasted expertise in a particular area of your life? Of course. And it feels amazing. So amazing that you never want to step out of the circle again.

But many of you keep stepping outside that circle by spreading your time across all sorts of industries or horizontal categories. I'm old enough to be giving most of you advice, so here it is: eliminate many of your goals, and deepen the ones you have left.

I've never tried cocaine, though now I wish I had when I was in Peru last year, but knowing what you are talking about in front of a crowd is a high that I can't imagine cocaine would match. You have real people, with real issues, and you are giving them real solutions that will change their lives. Not all of them, but maybe a dozen. I don't care. It's good work.

I had the privilege of addressing a graduating MBA class at Harvard a couple of months ago. Without me asking, an attendee sent me this feedback by email afterwards:

  • It was instructive for students to get an informed perspective/have a conversation that focused on management as opposed to leadership---talks about leadership abound in our academic context but we don't talk about management as often.
  • Your candor and experiences pulled people out of the "Harvard bubble" and you reminded us that the world we'll encounter outside of Harvard will be quite different.
  • You made people think differently about the value of their work and the costs of over-delivery.
  • The choice you made to frame the conversation as "don'ts" rather than "dos" was pedagogically rare for observation more than assessment. I think that's because we focus on what we are going to "do" once we leave, but we don't spend much time thinking about how we will recognize traps on our imagined paths to success. Again, this changed people's way of thinking.
  • Folks have found the book digestible, insightful, and enjoyable to read.
  • You gave folks an opportunity to compare the field of education with the for-profit marketplace and to draw distinctions and similarities. This sort of cross-pollination is helpful for people who never intend to leave education and those who hope to slide in and out of different industries and careers.

How do you think I felt after getting that email? Start speaking.

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