The Business of Design

The subtitle is appropriately "Newer Ways to Position Yourself, Market Yourself, and Remain Relevant with Time."

As time passes, corporations consider deconstruction, workforces become distributed, and marginalization of the implementation portion of marketing becomes more pronounced, what role will you play in this new world? It will require a different positioning (that varies by industry, practice area, size), a different interplay between strategy and implementation, more "working yourself out of a job" at the client level, and an 80% change in how lead generation happens for you. Come learn from the leading expert for small- and mid-sized firms in the marketing field for a solid half-day of content that will leave your head spinning with ideas and simple to implement (for the disciplined), and hear the "aha" moments around you. This will be a rare opportunity of advanced-style learning.

Held in Vancouver and sponsored by the GDC, the event will be held from 7:30a-12:30p at the Westin Bayshore in the Stanley Park Room.

GDC/BC Mainland is the largest chapter of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada, the advocate, voice & resource for Canada's graphic & communication design profession. Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Price is $195 for GDC members and $295 for non-members.

Registration and additional information here.

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    Secret Tradecraft of Elite Advisors

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