Building a Staff: Ten Suggestions for Doing it Right


What does it mean to build and then lead a staff? Few of us received any formal training for it, so we often model our own style on the examples we’ve had in other bosses (and parents). Too bad, really, because learning to do this ought to be a lot less accidental.

If you stop and think about it, there are two big “finding” tasks that occupy much of your mind as a principal or manager. The first is finding great clients and the second is finding great employees. To find great clients, you need a compelling positioning and a strong marketing plan. Come to think of it, you probably want the same two things to find great employees, too! So start by crafting a place where people want to work, and then employ a mix of referrals and active marketing.

Rather than a long treatise on what it means to build and then lead a staff, let me just throw out a few simple thoughts that I find myself repeating when I’m out in the field working with marketing firms on a weekly basis.

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