Getting Your Book Written + Published

This is pretty simple. We want to help you find, articulate, and publish your expertise to create better options for yourself (and maybe your firm).

This has been developed specifically for entrepreneurial experts, and it is crafted to cover the strategy and tactics of writing and then getting a book published (see the complete agenda). You are likely wanting to raise your profile with a first book or possibly provide a larger platform for your work.

The sessions are taught by four gifted faculty members: a publisher and author of five books, the best in the business at helping authors connect with their audience, the world’s most successful book packaging firm, and a remarkable editor with decades of experience.

David C. Baker is an author, speaker, and advisor, providing business insight to expert marketing firms. His work has been discussed in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fast Company, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, and dozens of industry publications. He is a five-time author and has worked with 900+ firms around the world.

Jenn DePaula is the co-owner of Mixtus Media, a firm that develops social media plans and content marketing initiatives exclusively for authors, helping connect them with their audience. With 10+ years of experience on the client side and then as an independent resource, she has helped 100s of authors expand their platform. Writing the book is one-thing, but “they will not likely come” unless the marketing ecosystem centered around the book is vibrant and timely. She is a graduate of Greenville College (Communications: Public Relations), where she was recently named the “Outstanding Young Alumna”. In addition to helping authors connect with their audiences, they build microsites for books, optimized for what an audience needs to see.

Charles Brock/Torrey Sharp are co-principals of Faceout Studios, a market leading design firm specializing in book packaging. The studio designs hundreds of books each year working with the world’s top media companies, mid-sized publishers, university presses, and individual authors. In addition to book design, they help authors and publishers build websites, produce photography and film based assets, and develop new product ideas.  Their work has been recognized by Communication Arts, AIGA, Print, Eye, the New York Book Show, Graphis, and the American Advertising Federation. Their work has been published in various books by Rockport, Harper Collins, Springer, and Barcelona-based Mao Mao publications. They have spoken at events hosted by the AIGA, AAUP, ECPA, the Shanghai Press and Publication Bureau and the Taipei Book Fair Foundation.

Bryn Mooth is a remarkable editor (and herself a published author). As such she’s understood and thrived in this world from the standpoint of publisher, author, and editor. She’s our special guest to help you with the craft of writing, including how you might avoid common mistakes, how you can work effectively with an acquisition and copy editor, how to see your book through a reader’s eyes, and how to express your thoughts without getting in the way. Bryn has helped so many authors with the writing process that you’ll quickly see how well show knows that world.

I hope you can join us in Nashville on Friday, October 20. We've priced it so that most anyone can come. Download a brochure or register.

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