Positioning Your Agency to be Less Interchangeable in the Marketplace

Even though firms like yours know the value and the process of powerful positioning, since that’s what they do for clients every day, they either can’t bring themselves to do it. Or they do it and don’t see the results they’re looking for. Yes, there is an art and science, but there are also human dynamics that make change easier said than done. How democratic should the process be? Can we craft a horizontal one so that we don’t get bored? What do we do with all the work we’re proud of that might not fit? Come learn the three non-negotiables, how growth relates to positioning, the wide and narrow markers you’ll need to work within, the advantages of horizontal vs. vertical, and how to test your positioning. Best of all, get a quick gut check on your ideas in the live Q/A to follow.

This webinar is hosted by Newfangled, an advisory firm that helps agencies with their new business lead eco-system. Register for the webinar here

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    Secret Tradecraft of Elite Advisors

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