Hubspot, International Agency Partner Day 2016

David will be speaking again this year at Hubspot's International Agency Partner Day in Cambridge, at Hubspot's HQ. The topic is “Growing the Business Once You Close It” Learn more and register here.

Once you close the business what's next? Learn about when and how to transition the work from sales to account service (it's sooner than you think), what seven things an account person should do, what six things the internal resourcing team should do, what personality profile is an exact fit for both, how to construct retainers, how you staff for specific clients, what key metrics to track, what should be profitable and what doesn't matter, how much account people can help with sales, what expectations you should have about an account person growing an account, and how your account people can understand their client's unique eco-system like they never have before. This insight comes from consulting 40+ Hubspot agencies over the last 3 years alone.

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    Secret Tradecraft of Elite Advisors

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