Surfacing + Monetizing Your Intellectual Property

Webinar: Have you ever found yourself working on a challenge for a client and realized that the path you are taking is, or should be, the path for all future engagements of this type? Do you, in those moments, make commitments to yourself about modelling out the path for those future engagements? Do you get visions of training your people, current and future, on this model so they can all get to the outstanding outcomes you seek with as little waste as possible? You might even, in your excitement, see this model or path mapped out visually, with the complexity of what you do beautifully distilled into something easily understood and followed. You imagine showing this visual map to prospective clients as a display of the journey you propose to take them on. They stand up, point to your model and say, "I want that!" You imagine sharing it with prospective employees who respond just as enthusiastically.

This is a eureka moment. From here forward, everything is going to be different--better. You will work from the same starting point, still iterating and evolving, but never again "reinventing the wheel." The future is going to be awesome.

And then you reinvent the wheel. Again.

Join ReCourses's David C. Baker and Win Without Pitching's Blair Enns for a webcast on Intellectual Property Development for Creative Firms and learn once and for all how to harness that moment to develop and map your firm's intellectual property.

In this webcast you will learn:

  • The role and value of IP in your firm
  • The three levels of intellectual property development
  • How to leverage your IP in a sale to reduce your cost of sale and close at higher margins
  • Move from selling hours to selling value, on a prescribed path
  • Lessen your need to hire brilliance and instead hire great people who learn your system

In summary form, get excited about a new engagement because you get a chance to solve a problem that lots of prospects have and you're using this cient as the excuse to develop a methodology to be that expert. Instead of solving this client's problem you're solving a common problem that this client happens to have. Start solving prospects' problems by thinking differently about solving this client's problem.

By Blair Enns of Win Without Pitching and David C. Baker of ReCourses.

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