Fixing the Ten Biggest Mistakes at Creative Firms

Webinar: After working with ca. 800 agencies of all types (design, advertising, digital, public relations, UX, app dev, interactive) for the last 21 years, I'm still learning with onsite work at a new firm every week. But there are very clear patterns around what firms struggle with, and there's no point in inventing the wheel again at your firm. While you likely have your own special form of dysfunction, the various questions you are trying to solve have popped up in other places, and some of those solutions have been thoroughly tested. My very first speaking engagement was on the dozen common mistakes that I was seeing and now, two decades later, it's time to update that with what's happening right now, given everything that's changed. We'll talk about positioning, lead generation, staffing, processes, pricing, and succession planning. You'll see yourself all over this webinar, and you'll leave with some valuable (and free) insight that will confirm some of your instincts and surprise you with some new thinking.

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    Secret Tradecraft of Elite Advisors

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