Understand the World Your Clients Live In

Webinar: With more people employed in marketing on the client side than at independent agencies for the first time in history, the chances are good that you'll be working alongside your client's in-house department rather than displacing it. There are about two dozen specific pressures to understand about what they are facing, and you can do a better job of being a partner to them than you are. There are specific ways to fit in that didn't used to be the case. There's even a role for you in advising your clients on running and staffing their marketing departments well.

In this webinar you'll learn what I've learned from two sources. The first is working very intimately with hundreds of them in a consulting role, including Whole Foods, Toyota, Verizon, T. Rowe Price, Hannaford, Adobe, Hallmark, Vanderbilt, TIAA-CREF, CIsco, Hartford Life, PriceWaterhouse, and HarperCollins. The second is working with 800 agencies and listening to how they manage their relationships with these departments. The webinar is designed primarily for independent agencies, but you are welcome to audit it from the client side, too.

Your clients can't choose their clients. They also have to be very accessible and pushing back doesn't help them preserve their team player status. Chargeback systems are loved or hated without any middle ground. And if you think you struggle to get a seat that table, imagine what they struggle with. Come learn the core tenets of their existence and how you can benefit from understanding their lives.

This is best for principals, account people, and sales people.

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