Endsleigh Insurance was created by the National Union of Students (NUS) in 1965 to negotiate the best rates for students.

Various insurance products for students.

HSBC Student Insurance to take care of your personal possessions.

One of MANY comparison sites.  Just to give you a starter for 10.  They are very competitive, but always check who you are getting the final quote from.

Don't get too taken in by cuddly toys etc.  You can buy them from the meerkat, sorry, market for 50 pence if required.

Student Possessions Insurance.

Premiums starting from £1.50 for a monthly policy..

Young drivers insurance quotes

Offering insurance solutions and risk management advice to professional and amateur sports clubs, leagues, associations, governing bodies and individual sports professionals and agents.

Remember: Get a quote first and compare several insurers.

You don't have to buy all your cover from the same insurer.

Check that the insurer is regulated by the FCA (the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK).

Get help if the small print isn't clear.

Also: Check that you are not already covered by either your parents', guardians’ or your new property owner's policies.

Insurance tips to keep student belongings fully protected.

You may need contents insurance.  Compare the options.

Special student insurance.

You may, or may not, need insurance - but just in case..

Special student insurance.
Special student insurance.
Special student insurance.
Special student insurance.