The domain name was acquired in 1996 - TWO YEARS BEFORE GOOGLE (2 BG).


I am its first, and only, careful owner.


The funny ("hilarious") fact is that the name wasn't selected with the aim of launching a punctuation-related site; it was chosen for the subtle pun of "punctuation" being followed by a “.” (dot) as part of the full domain name.


The intention was always to develop the site, but other priorities got in the way..

I hadn’t realised how desirable the domain had become until I started to receive ever more frequent offers to purchase it.  I have no intention of selling it; so it seems only right that it is put to some good use.


But what good use?? The Web is now teeming with English grammar and punctuation sites; some are actually quite excellent. There are also many humorous spin-offs; mostly with the same old jokes, it has to be said.

So, what's the point in reinventing the wheel?

Good point.

No point.



Given the apparent popularity of, its natural use would appear to be that of a portal for aggregating links to high calibre educational sites that serve students and teachers alike.


This would have resulted in a pretty dry offering, so I have added tips, advice, news feeds and recreational activities to the mix.

I hope that you like what I’m attempting to achieve and I welcome your comments.  Preferably of a constructive nature, of course.



“The more you know,

  the more you know

  you don't know.”